New! House of Naan | New Haven






houseofnaan-6We saw all 5-star reviews on Yelp for the newly-opened House of Naan and raced over to try it out. It was pretty empty, not surprising for a new restaurant, but I can see it being pretty crowded in a few months. I was excited by the list of cocktails; it’s nice to see a real wine list and some mixed drink offerings, it shows effort. I went for the Mango Crush (Skyy Mango, yogurt, and Cardamom syrup), which wasn’t too bad until my husband described it as tasting like dentist bubblegum flavoring and then I couldn’t enjoy it any more. It wasn’t so off-putting that I wouldn’t try some of the other cocktails they’ve crafted though. The menu is highly customizable, allowing you to pick your sauce and protein. I went for a classic paneer tikka masala, and my husband chicken madras. Both of these had excellent sauces. They also have sweet naan, a favorite of ours, which many restaurants don’t offer. The paneer in my dish was reasonable but not the most amazing panner I’ve had, however my husband was quite impressed by the quality of the chicken, saying it was superior to the chicken used at other restaurants around town. He did have one chewy piece though, and the water had an alkali scent to it, almost like leftover soap, but besides these small issues, I think this is currently the best Indian restaurant New Haven has to offer! We didn’t realize they had ras malai, my husband’s favorite, so we’ll definitely be back! Yelp; website.

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