Sticky, thick, yum: on homemade noodles at “Zoba Noodle Bar”

There seem to be a ton of Thai noodle restaurants in Evanston.  You’ve got Cozy Noodles, Sabai, Thai Sookdee, Ruby of Siam, etc.  Zoba’s is a cute little restaurant near the much more expensive Pete Miller’s, and has some pretty decent homemade noodles.

Moscato! <3!

The Experience: The atmosphere is very bright; not quite as eclectic as Cozy Noodles, but there’s definitely something to be said for whoever did the decorating.  Zoba’s is also BYOB, which is always a plus for poor starving college students like us.  (It’s not perfectly located with a liquor store across the street like Cozy or Mandarin House, but World Market isn’t too far a walk!)

Plates and uncooked noodles and color!

The Food: The noodles are very nice; they definitely have a homemade feel to them – sticky, thick, and well-textured.  There’s a little hole-in-the-wall place out by my high school, the Illinois Math and Science Academy, called Katy’s Dumpling House, which seriously has the most amazing noodles I’ve ever had.  Zoba can’t compare to that, but are definitely worth settling for in Evanston.

Pad See Ewe!

The Bill: Zoba’s is pretty cheap, definitely within a student’s budget.  Our bill of four dishes plus mango sticky rice (<3) came to just about $40, which I think is quite reasonable.  The only drawback is ordering delivery – Martin and I always seem to get less noodles than when we dine in, and it doesn’t seem to be as fresh.  We’ve only ordered once though, and all our dine-in experiences have been good.

Martin picking out the peppers from his dish.

Overall: Zoba Noodle Bar is not a bad place to grab a bite to eat.  Delivery can be a little sketchy, but dining in allows us to enjoy the bright green wallpaper.  It’s usually not too crowded, so we get good service too!  Check out their official website, and Yelp!

Zoba Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

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