Snapshot: CloverListens! at Chicago’s “Howl to the Moon”

Yuxi won a free party at this piano bar, so we all headed down into the Loop for some drinks, piano, and a free buffet!  The buffet didn’t have too much, but the drinks were only $1 for us, and the piano was very different from anything I’ve seen before.  Apparently, people ‘duel’ at the two opposing pianos!


It was pretty crowded, but the man on the piano was playing/singing Lady Gaga, and the atmosphere was buzzing.  We kept trying to ask for Vitamin C’s “Graduation” to be played, and eventually they compromised with “Celebration.”  There were a lot of people celebrating birthdays, getting married, anniversaries, etc.  Seems like a nice place for a group celebration!


Official website; Yelp!

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