CloverEats! cold sandwiches and butter cookies at Evanston’s “Al’s Deli”

Al’s Deli and Rollin’ to Go are two sandwich shops that lie right next to each other on Noyes St.  Many a hungry patron has stood between the two stores, facing the Italian flag and butter cookies in each store’s window.  When I’m in the mood for something light and cold, I always go for Al’s Deli.  (Rollin’ to Go’s pizza, on the other hand, is amazing and a story for another day.)

So many treats!

Al’s Deli is packed with foodstuffs – everything from your quotidien chips to fancy European imports.  There’s also photos all over the wall and shirts with the store’s name on it!

The menu!

There’s a glass counter at the end of the store, which is rather narrow due to the massive amounts of goods, and behind that is where the magic happens.  Fresh ingredients are chopped, sliced, and amalgamated into delicious masterpieces.

Smoked turkey + AIOLI on rosemary olive bread!

The butter cookies are kept in a freezer, lest they melt!

Unfortunately, Al’s is closed on Wednesdays and only open a short time around lunch (11-4), similar to Edzo’s.  It’s cheap and delicious though, and the fact that it thrives on only lunchtime business says a lot!

Martin always gets chili.

Official website; YELP!

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