CloverEats sandwiches at Ann Arbor’s “Zingerman’s”

The Experience: Zingerman’s is eclectic.  There’s a deli, bread, cheese, sauces, desserts, and ice cream, all squashed into one restaurant.  The walls are painted with bright colors, posters, and old recipes for “retired” sandwiches.  The service was excellent, and everyone was friendly.  After ordering, one samples some mustards before looking for a seat; the servers will come find you, bearing giant platters and shouting your name.

So many cheeses.

Giant marshmallows.

Bread and cheese!

The Food: The sandwich was quite good, although I still love Al’s Deli the most for cold sandwiches.  I took most of my food home, but everyone else finished up!  The ginger ale, on the other hand, was so spicy my mouth burned and got numb.  It was delicious, but I couldn’t finish it.

My corned beef!

Fred's "Raisin d'etre," lol.

Garlicky pickle and ridiculous ginger ale.

The Bill: Things were a little pricey, coming to almost $20 for my sandwich, drink, and dessert, but everything was good!

So many recipes.

Many, many, many options.

Official website; YELP!

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