CloverDrinks: milk tea at Ann Arbor’s Bubble Island!

Is there anyone who doesn’t love bubble tea?  There is something so delightful about the little bursts of tapioca or jelly that shoot out of the straw amidst either milky tea or fruit smoothie.  Steven Sun took us to Bubble Island, a little shop south of the university that caters specifically to bubble tea cravings.

Despite it being pretty late at night, there were lots of students up and about, sipping bubble tea and playing the assortment of board games offered.  Of course there were students studying on laptops and more students laughing at the crashing Jenga pieces.

There was a wide variety of bubble tea and bubbles – everything from grass jelly to mango stars.  While the customization was great, I thought the drinks were a little expensive – probably around $5 for a regular size.  The Jenga pieces also had lots of mini graffiti from past players on it, everything ranging from “pull me” to phone numbers to a Gears of War Lancer.

Check out Bubble Island on YELP!

Bubble Island on Urbanspoon

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