CloverDesserts: chocolate and spanish coffee at Ann Arbor’s La Dolce Vita!

Couches and little tables.

A little joint half-attached to Chop House, La Dolce Vita is a dessert-only venue!  Seats are low, sometimes just couches, and the whole restaurant is pretty dimly lit in a dark, sweet atmosphere.  Since dessert is my favorite part of the meal, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out about La Dolce Vita!

Spanish coffee! Flamed!

For drinks, we got spanish coffee, the preparation of which involves flames and sparks!  It was definitely a great performance on the waitress’ part; I videotaped it on my tiny camera, sorry for the bad quality.  My favorite part is when the cinnamon lights up!


For the actual dessert, we got an amazing molten chocolate brownie.  It was beautifully presented, and absolutely melted in the mouth.  Delicious chocolatey goodness!

Gooey deliciousness!

Check it out on Yelp; the official website!

La Dolce Vita on Urbanspoon

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