CloverEats: delicious parmesan potatoes at Ann Arbor’s Aut Bar


Fred and I discovered Aut Bar completely by chance: we were on our way to Cafe Zola when we saw a huge line outside of this weekend-only brunch restaurant.  It’s across the street from the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market, but despite being slightly out of the way, was totally packed!

Outdoor seating!

It took us about half an hour to get seats, which wasn’t too surprising given our timing (late Sunday morning) and the beautiful weather.  We got cocktails to help pass the time, and looked at all the delicious food everyone else was eating outside.

Mimosa and Pomegranate Lava Lamp!

By the time we got in, we already decided on getting Eggs Benedict and French Toast.  They were both AMAZING.  The Eggs Benedict came with little spiced parmesan potatoes, which had such a rich, cheesy flavor that complemented the eggs perfectly.  The hollandaise sauce was creamy, warm, and so rich.  Fred calls Aut Bar his favorite brunch restaurant in Ann Arbor, and I have to say that their food is certainly delicious!

Eggs benedict and amazing parmesan potatoes!

You can even order just a side of parmesan potatoes!  They are amazing!

French toast, the breakfast-dessert.

Fred keeps telling people to go to Aut Bar, and after this amazing experience, I have to agree.  Check them out on Yelp or their official website!

Aut Bar on Urbanspoon

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