CloverSnacks: froyo+mochi at Ann Arbor’s Lab Cafe


My favorite feature of Ann Arbor is how late everything is open.  For a late-night study break, Lab Cafe is right down the street from Phi Rho, and UAAMSA members get a 10% discount!  I really like all the strange modern/progressive videos they have projected onto the wall behind the counter.  One time, it was the original “Tron”!  Another time, metal car-creatures dissolved into droplets that became whale-like animals that then became wolves running through a forest, with plants growing everywhere they stepped…

There's always something interesting playing at Lab Cafe.

Lab Cafe is mostly known for their coffee, but we always go for their frozen yogurt!  The yogurt is self-serve, with a variety of flavors cycling through the machines.  They range from normal ones like vanilla to really interesting ones like chile-chocolate and pumpkin! The absolute best flavor is almond. I was devastated when they rotated it out.

Rainbow mochi! Omnomnom.

I don’t think anything can fully recapture that fateful summer in Evanston when I discovered Red Mango…for several weeks, I went there every single day after lunch for a cup of delicious original frozen yogurt; it was the perfect balance between sweet and tart, between rich and light.  But for Ann Arbor, Lab Cafe is hip, cool, and convenient!  Check them out on Yelp or at their official website!

Lab Cafe on Urbanspoon

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