CloverDrinks: Maison Mathis in New Haven


It was a hot summer afternoon when we walked past Maison Mathis on Broadway.  Patrons sipped from green drinks on the sidewalk outside. The sun was shining, and the idea of a healthy, cool juice was just too good to resist.  We looked inside – the huge windows made it easy – and saw a variety of snacks too. We were on foot this particular day, but there’s a wedge-shaped lot in the middle of Broadway that visitors can park in.

I loved the granite/marble that was everywhere, and the beautiful blue Turkish tile on the floor.  There was plenty of seating inside.  I feel this would be a fantastic place to study, although I could see it potentially getting crowded on a weekend morning.


The display was full of goodies.  They also offer a variety of sandwiches and salads, so a full meal could be had. There is even beer on tap!

MaisonMathis-4 MaisonMathis-5



The “Rawesome” drink was made to order and smelled and looked like beet. I felt very healthy drinking it, but it wasn’t particularly tasty. Probably my own fault for not ordering something more appealing.

Chocolate panna cotta

Chocolate panna cotta

The chocolate panna cotta was much more down my alley, although I would call it more of a chocolate mousse than a panna cotta. This was a nice, sweet afternoon treat.

Strawberry iced tea

Strawberry iced tea


There’s an interesting binomial distribution of Yelp reviews, with a run of one-star with comments about slow service or missing waffles.  While this was by no means lightning-fast-McDonald’s-here-you-are-can-I-help-the-next-in-line service, it was nothing particularly slow, so hopefully they took that Yelp feedback and ironed out any kinks. MaisonMathis-9


Maison Mathis is reportedly owned by two Belgians, so I have high expectations for these waffles.  We didn’t get any this time, but I plan to come back to try one sometime soon!  MaisonMathis-12

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
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