CloverSnacks: The Mochi Store in Jake’s Diggity Dogs

Li Hing Mango and Sakura

Li Hing Mango and Sakura

It’s a little confusing to see two rather different signs pointing to the same location. The Mochi Store is inside Jake’s Diggity Dogs, which is unexpected, but when we caught a glance of the sign while walking down Crown St, we had to check it out.




There is actually a huge list of options. The mochi they offer here is the kind you can often buy at Asian grocery stories, a ball of ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of rice. They are delicious snacks in the summer (or winter). I tried the Li Hing Mango, which I was told is a berry-imbued mango, and the Sakura, which is supposed to taste like cherry blossoms, but just tasted sweet. I picked these two because they were the most interesting to me, but they offer the usual Green Tea and Red Bean flavors too.


Li Hing Mango

Li Hing Mango

A nice deal at $1.50 per mochi, and a great variety of flavors! Maybe someday I’ll eventually try one of the hot dogs here, but for now I’m all about the mochi!

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