CloverLunches: Roia in New Haven



Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Pork Belly Sandwich........................................................................ 13 spicy aioli, pickled carrot, watercress and hand picked local lettuces

Grilled Pork Belly Sandwich: spicy aioli, pickled carrot, watercress and hand picked local lettuces

Roia has a great atmosphere, located in what used to be the Taft hotel, it has a great vintage feel, high ceilings and tile floors, a sprig of fresh flowers at each table. It’s supposedly named after a river that touches Italy and France, and like its namesake, is supposed to bring elements of both cuisines into its menu. We stopped by for a brief lunch, which I suppose is never fair to judge a restaurant on. We were the only people in the restaurant, but everything was still lovely, our waiter was excellent. We skipped drinks because it was early in the day, but I was quite intrigued by some of their cocktails and their lengthy wine list. Our sandwiches, while a little over-grilled (see the burnt tops), were absolutely fantastic. My pork belly was perfectly cooked, juicy and tender. The pickled carrots, while simple, were so perfectly prepared; they really emanated an essence of carrot, as cheesy as that sounds. The crisp, fresh lettuce that accompanied our meal was lightly brushed with a gentle vinaigrette, and to my surprise was excellent. It’s rare that a restaurant is able to elevate something as simple as this. Overall, a fantastic glimpse into what I’m sure is a great dinner experience, and I’m eager to return for the full experience. Check them out on Yelp or at their website; we paid $15/person for our lunch.

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